In 2006, Café Costume launched a unique statement for every man seeking his perfect suit. They fine-tuned their family tradition of craftsmanship in tailoring to a modern day and age. Social media, apps and selfies changed our digital footprint forever… but not our necessity to dress well. After all, you never get a second chance for a first impression. Café Costume is tailoring ‘à la carte’​. From the bank to the bar, Café Costume will make you an exclusive and elegant made-to-measure suit. “Tailoring à la carte”, where tradition, expertise and street credibility can be experienced. By appointment and with expert choice, their tailors will be your guide through a menu full of options. Café Costume has 7 stores located in Antwerp, The Bar (Antwerp), Brussels, Ixelles, Ghent, Bruges and Courtrai.

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Discover the customisable cufflinks collaboration between Lore van Keer and Café Costume. Add a stylish, personal touch to your suits and shirts with a pretty much perfect accessory. 

Cufflinks are where jewellery and suits come together: the perfect spot to explore new territory for both brands. All Lore Van Keer jewellery is handmade.

All Café Costume suits are tailored. A custom, hand-crafted pair of cufflinks complements them both.